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Introducing the Snake in 2018

Snake is the horoscope closest to the ground among the rest. Because of this characteristic, they can sense their environment pretty well. They usually know how to get around things easily. Though not one of the three harmony of the Grand Duke of 2018, has can enjoy some good fortune before 2019.

Feng Shui and Annual luck reading can enhance your luck further in 2018 to capture better opportunities of their aspiration. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. And you can “催吉辟凶” which means to transform good months to more productive ones and stay out of trouble in bad times through your house.

At work, Snake can expect good progress at work. They are able to appear at the right moment and say the right thing. Bosses will be impress by your performance. Their senses can help them overcome most obstacles. When the three conditions (heaven, place and people) are right, they will enjoy limelight. However, Snake have to observe their temper. They sometimes like to bottle up their emotions. Resulting sudden eruption of temper which could get themselves into trouble. Snake could do what they do best which is to find a quiet spot away from the trouble area and collect themselves. It is wise to calm themselves down and relook at the problem. Do not attempt with a negative emotion.

Snake will be quite sociable with friends and colleagues. However, this year may put a toll on the family. They will spend more time in social events than time at home. Spouses maybe unhappy with this arrangement. Hence, it is good to balance with family. Otherwise, it may surface in 2019 when they clash with the Grand Duke. Social events such as business networking can broaden their contacts which may provide good opportunities in the future.

In general health, Snake will face more stomach related issues and tend to feel exhausted easily. It is because of work. Know how to prioritize your work well and take meals regularly.

Year: 2013, 2001, 1989, 1977, 1965, 1953, 1941

Next, we will introduce the Rooster, the last horoscope in this series.

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