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Master Linda Ng

Master Linda Ng is a geomancer of DNJ Academy Pte Ltd. She has been actively involved in geomancy work even before she is a master. Now as a Feng Shui consultant, she is able to see in both perspective as a feng shui master and believer.She is the author of the annual horoscope mandarin publication for 2019. 

Linda has been taking lessons from different Masters. Now, she is under tutelage of renowned Taiwanese Grand Master Shao Chong Ling (卲宗齒). She believes that Feng Shui knowledge is a combination between observations and calculations documented in historical records. She has also impressed her clients with good work ethic and passion.She prides herself to be a positive and determined person. Furthermore, she has to prove that female can also be successful in this male dominated industry. 


Linda discovered her passion for Chinese Metaphysics while looking for her purpose in mid-life. She felt that fate can be mitigated. She was a general manager in the pioneer car trading company in Laos before turning professional. Therefore, she hope to be of service to others and empower them for better life especially for those who are experiencing mid-life crisis.


“It is not how hard you fall, is how you bounce up and improve.” Is her motto in her service to others.


Her brand of authentic Feng Shui mastery, traces back from records from I-Ching 易經, Bazi八字, Eight Mansion 八宅, Flying Stars 飛星and so on. All of these knowledgehas been greatly impactful for all who seek her consultation, from personal and businesses in Singapore to clients around the world.


Linda continues to learn and grow in the hope of bring positive changes to more customers’ lives. 

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