Introducing the Pig in 2018

Lady luck will be dancing around the Pig in 2018. One may feel like in cloud nine with unstoppable force. Pig will be smiling from edge to edge. With good luck in 2018, more things can be achieved. Pig in general have good charisma. You will not have miss them in the room. So, it will be a challenge for them to remain low profile and accumulate more good fortune to spillover in 2019.

Feng Shui and Annual luck reading can enhance your luck in 2018 to capture better opportunities of their aspiration. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. And you can “催吉辟凶” which means to transform good months to more productive ones and stay out of trouble in bad times through your house.

Pig will find work more smooth sailing. They have the sun energy to clear obstacles. Evil will be frightful of them. Troubles can go as quickly as they come. Sometimes, they need to spare a thought for others and not do things too ruthlessly. And it is wise to remember people who have helped you along the way including those who are out of luck in 2018. They may bounce their way back in 2019. What goes around, comes around. Pig will have to decide what seed to grow and the time will come to harvest the fruits of your labor.

It is also wise to pay more attention to your outfit for the year and avoid showy jewelries. It is to prevent Pig for getting rob in 2018. Avoid small alleys and late night if possible.

Pig have some occasions to celebrate. It can be in the form of weddings, baby showers, promotion and so on. Avoid getting carried away in words and actions. You may unknowingly have made some enemies. They will return for revenge when your luck is down. Hence, it is good for pig to be humble and help people around them. Know how to be a team player and coach others like a parent. Do not give up on others too easily.

Health matters such as bladder and kidney related matters such as water retention may trouble Pig. Please drink sufficient water and eat more balance diet. Avoid holding your bladder for too long especially for senior citizen.

Year: 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, 1947, 1935

Next, we will introduce the Ox, a warehouse for metal element, a strong horoscope.

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