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Introducing the Rabbit in 2018

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel.” It is so true for our Rabbit friends. After a turbulent year, comes a better year. Our furry friend’s benefactor which is the Grand Duke of 2018 will come and rescue them. They will be pampered with some good news.

After tasted bitter from 2017, it is good for Rabbit to quickly pick themselves up for a better next year. The year will come swiftly as it ends. Know how to maximize the year ahead so you wouldn’t miss any opportunities from your Feng Shui Masters. Do not assume it will be all smooth and no troubles. Therefore, it is wise to plan a year ahead to capitalize strengths and weaknesses. Plan your year with us.

It is time for rabbit to stretch their legs and prepare to jump high and far. If work hasn’t been well for you. The time has come for Rabbit to catch up. It is possible because they tend to feel more confidence and the drive to be better for their family. They will get busy in a good sense. Rabbit will discover work performance is starting to bottom up as they enter into the year. Knots at work begin to untie itself. Under right conditions, your hard work will come into bear fruits at the end.

There will be small losses in terms of wealth. This may come in the form of household expenses. Therefore, it is good to budget yourself for the year. There are many ways to reward yourself or your family. Do take note of your spending.

The Rooster has turned the Rabbit’s family and work relationship upside down in 2017. It has greatly disrupted their usual self. So, in 2018, you may notice the Rabbit has returned back to their self. They will seem to be more sociable person at office and home comparing to 2017. There will be improvement in their relationship between your bosses and customers. Long lost customers and friends may just return into their circle.

There will be lesser health issues in 2018. Rabbit can balance work life better. Still, one should have enough rest, eat healthier and exercise.

Year: 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939

Next, we will introduce the Pig, who is will face next Grand Duke of 2019.

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