Introducing the Goat in 2018

Goat is one of the four Earth element horoscopes. Although it is also the warehouse for wood. The wood in the horoscope cannot be released and control the earth in 2018. Grand Duke of 2018 may feel uneasy with Goat. Therefore, Goat can expect the Grand Duke would find some troubles with them.

Feng Shui and Annual luck reading can enhance your luck in 2018 to capture better opportunities of their aspiration. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. And you can “催吉辟凶” which means to transform good months to more productive ones and stay out of trouble in bad times through your house.

Goat tend to feel good at work. Despite obstacles, things may just go in their way with some good stars shining on them. There will be limited help available for Goat. However, Goat has to be mindful of their working environment and their own capabilities. Do not be complacent and proud. This could help them to avoid unnecessary tales and manage their time productively. Otherwise, their performance will be compromise.

New year resolution for 2018 could be strengthened their relationship with God or religion. Their affinity with spirituality is stronger. They are encouraged to take meditation. It is also good for Goat to avoid vices like drinking, gaming especially in the night and stay at home when they are not in good health and luck. They have a high chance of spiritual encounters and affect their luck and focus for the following days. It could also mean to watchful on lunar 3rd, 7th and 9th month.

People will discover Goat to be difficult to get along for 2018. They tend to be easily irritable and prefer to work alone. Goat feel that they are unable to manage themselves and their environment. Give them space and patience.

Goat can expect to have more health issue this year especially digestive issues. You may feel sharp pain or tension especially in the stomach area. Be careful when you are stress. It puts oil into the fire. Stomach issues may worsen and cause your immunity to be upside down. And may tend to feel lethargy.

Year: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, 1955, 1943

Next, we will introduce the Rabbit, who will survive the Grand Duke 2017 and do better in 2018.

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