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Introducing the Rat in 2018

Rat is the first horoscope among the twelve and it is one of the wittiest. People who are born in the Rat year can anticipate a better year than 2017. They will forge a new relationship with the Grand Duke of 2018. Do not mistaken that there are no obstacles. There are remedies for rat to some obstacles.

Not all Rats suffer the same fate. So, it is good to know your bazi by seeking a Feng Shui Master’s advice. As Sun Tzu says, “知己知彼百战百胜” to know your strength and weaknesses and enemies’ are the sure way of victory. Therefore, it is wise to plan a year ahead to capitalize strengths and weaknesses.

At work, Rats are able to gain some good name. However, do not participate in gossips. These may harm Rat’s reputation. Jobs that require out station may not benefit in Rat’s terms. Hence, seek personal advice with your Feng Shui Master or mentor to give you a more comprehensive picture. It is not good to make hasty decision.

Rats are generally sociable people. However, in 2018, this quality does not shine well in them. They tend to be more edgy probably stemmed from accumulated frustrations from 2017. Patience is the key for Rat to succeed in the year. It is also advisable for all Rats to note family members who are born in the Earth Element Horoscopes (Dog, Dragon, Goat and Ox) especially if they are elderly, critically ill, pregnant and/or in bad luck. There are stars that hint unfortunate events.

In the event of funeral, Rat is encouraged to give a token of condolences instead of attendance. It is discouraged because they tend to affect Rat’s luck in the following days or weeks. Deceased who is born in the year of the Horse will have more impact on the Rat. If you have no choice, please request personal advice from a Feng Shui Master to avoid bad luck.

Rat tend to be more accident prone in the new year. There are stars that trace blood related incident. It can be both/or in the form of operations and accidents. It is sensible for the rat to take precaution when it comes to health and safety. Drivers and machine operators be mindful when functioning machine. Contractors are included as well. Do not take risk or it may end in regrets. The way you travel for longer distance remarkably when using ground related mode like train, bus, cars and even bicycles have an undesirable outcome.

Year: 2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948, 1936

Next, we will introduce the Goat, who suffers the indirect clash with the Grand Duke 2018.

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