Introducing the Monkey in 2018

Monkeys who have been resting in the previous year will find themselves emerging in an envelope of positive energies as the approaching February 2018. They are more encouraged and could do more constructive tasks. The overall situation seems more hopeful than the previous years. They can swing great heights in the coming year. Do not be dishearten of past events or memories. They serve as lessons for them in the future.

To better Monkey for the year, they should pay attention to who they seek advice from. Dragon who is a Three Harmony to the monkey could not help improve monkey situations as they are in trouble with the Grand Duke of 2018. However, Monkey can help Dragon. Rat, on the other hand, their opinions can be reflected and use. Rats are generally witty. When Monkey and Rat come together, they construct a Water formation grid 水局. They are known to produce more wealth with compatible birth charts.

Feng Shui can enhance Monkey luck in 2018 to capture better opportunities of their aspiration. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. Know the auspicious timing to activate your intentions.

In 2018, there are some opportunities for Monkeys at work. These openings will help monkey showcase their good natures. Monkey can better communicate to colleagues and recognize bosses’ expectation. These will support them to any situation at the right actions, time and place. Bosses will be impressed with Monkey’s performance.

Please be vigilant for monkey’s family who is critically ill specially if they are in the Earth Element Horoscope 土生肖 (Dog, Dragon, Goat and Ox). Monkey can anticipate their worse health conditions of their family members. Their luck may help their family in one way or another. There are stars that hints of unfortunate occasions in the family.

Monkey should avoid unsafe activities whenever possible. These will increase the possibility of face scarring. Ladies particularly, do take note. It is also significant for monkey not to overload themselves and give priorities to right things. Generally, monkey can expect better health.

Year: 2016, 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944

Next, we will introduce the Rat, the Three Harmony of the Monkey and the Dragon.

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