Introducing the Dragon in 2018

Dragon is the nemesis of the Grand Duke of 2018. It implies that the Grand Duke will create trouble for those who are born in the year of the Dragon. Dragon can expect a year plague with obstacles and some irritating health issues. It is difficult for them to feel motivated or energize under such situations.

Not all born in Dragon will do badly in 2018. It depends on your bazi which have four pillars; year, month, day and time. Each pillar resonances to different aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is good to know your birth chart and Qimen chart 奇門盤 especially for this year. So you can use this information to maneuver difficult moments by strategizing your stand. The easterners will say “know thyself and enemy will lead to victory.”

With the bazi information, they can overcome obstacles in new employment, retrenchment, moving into new place. Some cases also suggest that you have fallen out of favor with your boss and lose some customers. It is wise for Dragons to lie low to safe guard their current interest and seek advice from experts appropriately. There are stars that hint some Dragons will lose wealth. Long term investing approach might be more fitting for Dragon to consider for the year. Short term investing might be too uncertain for them. And spending unwisely may lead to regrets.

Feng Shui can reduce and cure Dragon’s bad luck in 2018. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. Know the auspicious timing to activate your intentions.

People who has influence over the Dragons will have high expectation and accept no excuses from them in 2018. They tend to give pressure to Dragons which may add to their nasty temper and lead to disappointing outcome. Their relationship with people maybe unstable. And young Dragon will be more difficult to administer than usual. Married couple will have more clash. It is good to give each other space especially when opinions get too heated up. Otherwise, words once spoken cannot be retracted.

For health, Dragon will have more stomach relating issues such as bloated, gastric, indigestion and so on. It is wise for Dragon to adopt a clean and healthier diet and lifestyle. Please do yearly checkup especially for old Dragons. It is always advisable to prevent first than cure early.

All the best to all Dragons.

Year: 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940

Next, we will introduce the Monkey, the Three Harmony of the Dragon.

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