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Introducing the Dog in 2018

Dog will take over the seat of 太歲 Grand Duke on 4th Feb 2018. As the Grand Duke, he is the most powerful position next to the 紫微 Purple Star. It governs all horoscopes especially those who are born in the Dog year with discipline and order. It will disrupt more for Dogs in their work, relationship and health for the year. If they misbehave, this will mean they have offended the Grand Duke.

It is important for Dog to be still and reflect. It is a year to consult Feng Shui Master for direction to navigate the year. Luck cycle throughout the year will change which is not necessarily all bad. Therefore, it is wise to plan a year ahead to capitalize good stars and avoid bad ones.

Authorities or your bosses will be breathing down your neck for the year. Often, Dogs will be tested and bosses are not easily satisfied with your performance. While you are solving your way through conflicts and different opinions to complete your task, your bosses are expecting more from you in effectiveness and efficiency. Be more prudent and seek advice whenever possible. If the job that uses machinery, be careful when operating.

This year, people who are more senior and superior like your husband, parents, teachers or bosses and even your customers will discover it to be harder to communicate with those who are born in the year of the Dog. Some frictions will arise both in work and social settings. It is good to resolve all in harmony. More friends are better than enemies.

You can expect Dogs to be weaker in health condition especially those who are in bad luck or critically ill. Do watch out for them if they are close ones. It is good to do a health check before the year start. Otherwise, it will be more common ailments, aches and pains.

Year: 2006, 1994, 1982, 1970, 1958, 1946, 1934

Next, we will introduce Horse who is the three harmony 三合 of the Dog tomorrow.

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