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2018 Fengshui Part 1: Overview

Starting on the 4th February 2018 is the new lunar calendar year known as the Earth Dog Year or Wu Xu Nian (戊戌年). The calendar system is based on the combination of the 10 heavenly stems over the 12 Zodiac Signs. In that way, one would be able to chart the 60 combinations. By studying the 5 basic elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) associate with this combinations one can multiply the good luck and avoid the pitfalls.

Another unique structure of this calendar is that it is based on both solar system and the lunar system. For instance the beginning of spring on the 4th February 2018 is based on the solar system while the Chinese New Year falls on the 16th February is based on the lunar system. This would allow us to formulate another in-depth layer luck analysis based on the 64 hexagrams. This 64 hexagrams is also known as Gua (卦).

Year of the Earth Dog (戊戌年) based on the 5 element system:

The arriving of the year of the Earth Dog (戊戌年) in 2018 marks one more year closer to the end of the period eight, the age of finance. This would mean that the era of cheap money from major central banks is coming to an end as we begin the period nine in 2024, the age of fire. Therefore, as each year moves closer to the period nine, we could expect more dramatic changes to the financial sectors (This will be shared in my next article using the Gua Analysis).

Earth Dog (戊戌) is known as punishments and clash with the earth elements, one may expect wide spread of new virus and/or bacteria like those we witness in the SARS epidemic outbreak in 2003 and H1N1 outbreak in 2009. Hence it is advisable one to take in more Vitamins, move in less crowded places, eat healthily, drink plentiful of water and rest well. Given that Yang Earth(戊) suggest fog and earth punishments imply spread of viral and bacteria infection, it would suggest there may some of biological weapon.

Yang Earth(戊)


The Earth in this instance is called the Yang Earth. In physical form it represents mountains and land. This would mean that property and earth related industries likely to get a boost this year at least to the 3rd quarter. In 2008, the Oil sector saw a steady rise, similarly, as earth favors being natured by fire, it would imply that energy sector will likely show positive advancements especially between May and beginning of August 2018. Given that Earth produces metal, hardware, technology sectors will get support at least till August 2018. In view of the fact that earth controls water, the water industries this year may seems to be running thin of luck. This would mean financial institutions, travel sectors, water-related industries and air plane sectors must take precautionary measures against any potential pit falls. For the reason that Wood controls Earth energy, wood energy is not favored. Hence wood sectors like agriculture, farming, paper industries etc… may be challenging.

Given that there is only 1 dragon in the coming lunar new year, we are likely to have a dry and hot year ahead. Since Yang Earth also signifies mist or fog this would suggest that one might experience more forest fire. In some instances, one may experience unprecedented heavy fog.

Dog (戌)


Dog has the implication of “Door of Heaven”. It suggests spiritual advancements. Interesting, the historical Gautama Buddha was said to born in 563BC, the year of the Earth Dog in Lumbini. Therefore, given the Dog is the “Door of Heaven”, one may expect more people spiritual and religious movements this year. We may expect the rise and birth of spiritual and religious leaders too.


Those who are born in the year of the Rooster are said in the harm relationship, this would plague Roosters with gossips. Rooster should also watch over their health and to observe the food they consume. Should companies incorporate in the year of Roosters, one may find the companies caught in serious of obstacles from the authorities.

Dragon is said to be in direct clash with the Dog. This would produce powerful energy that may cause earth movements like landslide, earthquake, and volcanic eruptions especially in the month of April etc… Hence one must take care when moving in the dog direction (Northwest), as this is move towards the Grand Duke. Those who are born in the year of the dragon are expected to experience movements in their career, some may experience clash with their bosses or get into issues with the authorities and cash flow. Companies that are incorporate in the year of the Dragon may encounter difficulties with the authorities, loss of wealth and unfulfilled contractual obligations. Similarly those whose buildings/houses faces North-West are said to have clash with the Dog known as the Year Breaker (歲破). This would mean dire consequences might happen should there be any moving-in, renovation or building construction works done at these premise without an auspicious celestial date. (Auspicious celestial date selection method is based on the planetary movements with the focus on the sun and the moon it is known as Tian Xing Zhe Ri “天星擇日”).

Goat and Ox are in punishment with Dog. This powerful earth punishment would mean during those who are born in these horoscope are more likely to suffer diabetes, spleen issues, digestive issues, cancer and poor immune system. As such one must take note of their lifestyle to avoid these issues. Those who are born in the Ox year should exercise care in signing contracts and/or any written documents and the conditions contain therein may be unfavorable. In addition to the above ailments, Ox is prone to leg and chest injuries this year. For those who are born in Goat year, are likely to attract gossips and rumors. Precaution must be taken to avoid injuries to the lips and teeth. Those who are born in the year of the Dog are known to have offended the Grand Duke. This would mean Dog is prone to physical accidents injuries especially to chest area, knee and torso.

The Four Pillar Of Destiny/BaZi (四柱/八字)

Feng Shui readings changes from year to year, so is one’s luck. To accurately to decode one’s luck for the coming year, it is always advisable to get one’s birth chart to be decoded using the for pillar of destiny or also known as BaZi. The system uses one’s birth year, month, day and time (if any) to decipher the path ahead.

Master Jason Chan will publish our next article on the 9th November 2017. He would be sharing with detail general 2018 horoscope for Tiger, Horse and Dog. Thereafter I will share with you the Gua system analysis on economy, Geopolitical relationship and 2018 Fengshui positions.

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