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What Is Fengshui ?

Feng Shui is a science that is based on Yin & Yang.

It improves the environment Qi which affects one's life.

Commerical Properties

Feng Shui creates the right environment for businesses to prosper.  It can increase the bottomline and benefactors into the business.


Feng Shui is a system developed by ancient chinese wise man like Guo Pu, Jiang Da Hong, Lai Tai Shu. These techniques have being pass down from generations to generations. From the basic principle of yin- yang to more complex methodology like Xuan Kong Da Gua, Qi Men Dun Jia, Dragon Gate Technique, etc… A skilful feng shui master can use such technical knowledge and skills to tap the good qi in your office to enhance your wealth and opportunities.


A boss or team leaders/ managers must have the right employee to generate greater revenue for the company. Employee would want to work in an environment where they can grow. Hence, feng shui can be practiced in the office to help company to create a conducive environment to attract right employee and generate more business opportunities.


Feng Shui can help you to improve:

  • More business opportunities.

  • Smoothen obstacles.

  • Meet more noble help.

  • Improve your luck and power.

  • Create good harmony among employee.


Who should see feng shui?

  • Business owners

  • Employee who as a room or a cubic

  • Team Manager

  • Commercial and Residence Developer

  • Where is my wealth corner?


Every feng shui has a permanent wealth corner as well as your yearly wealth corner. It depends on the type of services you engage us for. We will help you to activate these areas.


Do my employee/colleague benefit me?

When more bazi come together, they behave differently. Notice some will prosper and some will face conflict. The ideal situation is to group and seat people according to their bazi that will suit the position which can generate better results and team spirit. These can benefit not only the participants but also their family and bosses. Win-Win-Win

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