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What Is Fengshui ?

Feng Shui is a science that is based on Yin & Yang.

It improves the environment Qi which affects one's life.

Residential Properties

A good Feng Shui can improve the dwellers’ luck and well being. It is designed purposefully according to the dwellers’ desire for wealth, career, health and/or relationship. We can use feng shui to enhance the good points and cure the negative aspects of your life. It is also a more permanent solution for your bazi.


Do Feng Shui involve Spirituality?

It depends on the dwellers’ intention, Feng shui master can help you to determine good locations for altar. A good altar position can protect your house and bring prosperity. However, altar at bad position can cause disharmony in the family. In today’s time, many may not have. 


Do you need to see feng shui annually?

It is a good practice to update your house reading annually. Regional earthquakes will affect the magnetic flux, hence it may change the feng shui of your house. Furthermore, there is a minor qi change yearly. Using this annual Qi, you can capitalize it to your advantage. For those who are in bad luck, sickly, pregnant or elderly, these annual Qi may have a dine result should a bad qi falls in that position. Therefore it is advisable to have your house reviewed annually.


When should you re-audit your house urgently?

  • If there are changes in both external and internal environment.

  • Dwellers’ intention change.

  • The thought of renovation.

  • The next year’s sha is same as the building direction.

  • Series of unfortunate happenings.

  • Dweller is down on luck.

  • Dweller is in good luck.

  • Dwekker is facing a life changing events (starting a business, examinations, starting a family, etc…)


When should you see feng shui? Before getting the house or After?

We will recommend that one should engage our masters to select your house if you are able. Every position has its purpose. For example, the house wealth location is best utilized as a master bedroom or study room. If its in the toilet, the wealth element is limited. Hence with us, you are able to locate a better house

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