Introducing the Goat in 2018

Goat is one of the four Earth element horoscopes. Although it is also the warehouse for wood. The wood in the horoscope cannot be released and control the earth in 2018. Grand Duke of 2018 may feel uneasy with Goat. Therefore, Goat can expect the Grand Duke would find some troubles with them. Feng Shui and Annual luck reading can enhance your luck in 2018 to capture better opportunities of their aspiration. Talk to your Feng Shui Master and get them to advise you on the good and bad sectors of your house. And you can “催吉辟凶” which means to transform good months to more productive ones and stay out of trouble in bad times through your house. Goat tend to feel good at work. Despite obstacles, t

Introducing the Rat in 2018

Rat is the first horoscope among the twelve and it is one of the wittiest. People who are born in the Rat year can anticipate a better year than 2017. They will forge a new relationship with the Grand Duke of 2018. Do not mistaken that there are no obstacles. There are remedies for rat to some obstacles. Not all Rats suffer the same fate. So, it is good to know your bazi by seeking a Feng Shui Master’s advice. As Sun Tzu says, “知己知彼百战百胜” to know your strength and weaknesses and enemies’ are the sure way of victory. Therefore, it is wise to plan a year ahead to capitalize strengths and weaknesses. At work, Rats are able to gain some good name. However, do not participate in gossips. These ma

Introducing the Monkey in 2018

Monkeys who have been resting in the previous year will find themselves emerging in an envelope of positive energies as the approaching February 2018. They are more encouraged and could do more constructive tasks. The overall situation seems more hopeful than the previous years. They can swing great heights in the coming year. Do not be dishearten of past events or memories. They serve as lessons for them in the future. To better Monkey for the year, they should pay attention to who they seek advice from. Dragon who is a Three Harmony to the monkey could not help improve monkey situations as they are in trouble with the Grand Duke of 2018. However, Monkey can help Dragon. Rat, on the other

Introducing the Dragon in 2018

Dragon is the nemesis of the Grand Duke of 2018. It implies that the Grand Duke will create trouble for those who are born in the year of the Dragon. Dragon can expect a year plague with obstacles and some irritating health issues. It is difficult for them to feel motivated or energize under such situations. Not all born in Dragon will do badly in 2018. It depends on your bazi which have four pillars; year, month, day and time. Each pillar resonances to different aspects of our lives. Therefore, it is good to know your birth chart and Qimen chart 奇門盤 especially for this year. So you can use this information to maneuver difficult moments by strategizing your stand. The easterners will say “k

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